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I am an American with a pragmatic Doctorate degree (DSc or so called PhD in the USA) in International Business Strategy from the Department of Industrial Management at Helsinki University Of Technology in Otaniemi-Finland (Ranked top 15 in Europe). This Doctorate is pragmatic just like and MBA, it could be viewed as a doctor-level MBA

My Doctorate thesis is in the topic of "International Negotiations ". Also, I have obtained my engineering Masters degree from the same Finnish university (TKK) after concluding my masters thesis in "International Mergers and Acquisitions".

Likewise, I have acquired great international experience by working and studying in numerous countries like The United States Of America, Chile, Finland and France, as well as traveled in many other nations. This, has allowed me not only to learn several additional languages such as Spanish, French, enough Italian basic German and a little bit of Finnish but furthermore, it has offered me the possibility to learn how to relate and understand different ways of thinking and cultures.

I am a dynamic and results-driven professional with progressive experience and responsibility in a diverse range of industries. My ability to plan, research, design and implement a wide variety of projects is one of my greatest assets. Also, I'm an extroverted-career oriented person that likes pragmatic, creative work environments as well as meeting different people and places.

I believe that my Doctorate degree and Master studies together with my vast international experience will allow me to conduct in an adequate way the tasks needed by your company/organization.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my capabilities in more detail!

I am a person that has had the opportunity to develop myself in a very international environment. Working and studying in so many different countries and places has given me the possibility to understand and to adapt myself to different ways of thinking and behaving. Additionally, my high education in International business and engineering allows me to see a company's business/organization from two different perspectives. For this reason, I believe to be a highly qualified candidate to work within a position that demands an international focus.

Some information about my career, life and general expectations!